Thesis and Internships

Here you can find a list of available Bachelor and Master thesis available, along with internships. There may be also novel projects available, so please check with me if you are interested in the topics I work on.

General rules for taking an internship or thesis work with me

I am always happy to work with Bachelor and Master students, and I am glad that you are considering one of the topic I propose. Undergoing a thesis work is a key step in your education, and it is a challenging yet rewarding experience. The following rules are meant to be a guideline so that both you and me can carry the project in an efficient manner.

  • Take your time: a good bachelor thesis requires around 3 months, while a Master thesis can take 6 months or even more. If you are interested in one or more topics, ask in advance, even if you have not finished your exams yet. Moreover, if you are interested in one of the topics listed in this pages, say it upfront.
  • Be efficient with communication: when reporting your work, one email per month is too few, one per day is too much. Be efficient in what you communicate and how you do so.
  • I am not gdb (or similar): do not send me code saying “it does not work”. Explain what you have tried, on what circumstances you experience any problem. Be proactive, be clear.
  • How to write: we will use LaTeX, which may seem difficult at the beginning but you will benefit a lot from it at the later stages. A good tool to share the thesis work is Overleaf.
  • The Internship/thesis is YOUR responsibility: I will not remind you about deadlines, documents to fill, bureaucracy and alike. It is your responsibility to perform these tasks.


B.Sc./M.Sc. Title Abstract Partners Topics
Master Efficient ECG reconstruction at the EDGE Develop a an efficient framework which reconstructs and classifies ECG of patients at the EDGE UC Irvine IoT, e-Health, Neural Networks
Bachelor/Master MQTT with multiple retention messages Develop and test an MQTT broker which enables an extension of the protocol to allow multiple messages to be retained. For a Master thesis, also integrate traffic recognition. IoT, MQTT
Bachelor/Master Fluid-AI services Extending the WoT standard with computation services, leveraging the WoT definition to extend it towards providing a standardized approach to computing service. AI, WoT
Bachelor Performance analysis of TinyML Analyze the performance of TinyML on different low-power microcontrollers IoT, Performance Evaluation

Activity Recognition

B.Sc./M.Sc. Title Abstract Partners Topics
Bachelor Texting and Driving Recognition Identify whether users are texting and driving using the smartphone front camera UNIBO Activity recognition, Neural Networks
Bachelor/Master Activity recognition with Continual Learning Given a dataset of inertial data, perform activity recognition with personalization on the user, leveraging Continual Learning UNIPI Context Aware Computing, Activity Recognition, IoT
Bachelor Identification of users from inertial sensors Identify user based on how they walk, run, and in general perform activities. A complete dataset is already available Application Development, IoT, Activity Recognition
Bachelor/Master Survey on context awareness tasks and services Survey thesis about the different tasks available in context aware systems. Tasks must be categorized based on data needed, precision, task objective IoT, Context Awareness, AI
Bachelor/Master Activity recognition using WiFi CSI Develop a testbed to collect data about WiFi CSI and develop models to perform acivity recognition. The testbed should also have the possibility to reconfigure the transmitters and monitors. IoT, Activity recognition, WiFi CSI
Bachelor Activity recognition using WiFi CSI Implement a testbed on ESP32 for Wireless CSI activity-recognition. Test known techniques under different scenarios. IoT, Activity recognition, WiFi CSI
Master RL/DRL Activity recognition using WiFi CSI Implement a Reinforcement Learning (RL) or Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) for activity-recognition using WiFi CSI to improve the accuracy of recognition. IoT, Activity recognition, WiFi CSI
Bachelor/Master Privacy assessment of WiFi CSI based activity recognition Explore the privacy tradeoffs of device-free WiFi sensing, in terms of recognized people, activity performed, people re-identification. IoT, Activity recognition, WiFi CSI, Privacy
Bachelor/Master Recognition of key daily activities for patients Patient monitoring can be done with wearables, and this thesis focuses on the recognition of key activities in a day for patients witrh different pathologies. IoT, Activity recognition, e-Health

Crowdsensing and Data Science

B.Sc./M.Sc. Title Abstract Partners Topics
Bachelor Alternative routes from GPS data Leveraging open GPS datasets, the goal of this project is to determine whether there are multiple routes in a city which are used by drivers to reach a common point, depending on the time of the day, weather conditions and other parameters Data Analysis, Openstreetmap
Bachelor Determine the economical benefits of crowdsensing Compute the costs to deploy and maintain an infrastructure to sense specific data. Then it is possible to determine what is the price someone is allowed to pay to users if the same data is obtained through crowdsensing. The system should leverage open data and real parameters UNIBO Crowdsensing, IoT
Master Participatory Crowdsensing analysis Through the use of available data, this work should assess whether user habits exists in participatory crowdsensing Crowdsensing, Data Science


B.Sc./M.Sc. Title Abstract Partners Topics
Bachelor Evaluate different techniques to improve k-anonymity Evaluate different techniques to improve the privacy resilience of datasets K-anonymity, Privacy
Master Leverage k-anonymity to divide data and improve privacy Divide and anonymyze for k-anonimity. Identify clusters which are hard to separate with k-anonimity and separate them K-anonymity, Privacy
Master Identify and exploit common points in datasets Develop a version of k-anonymity which balances the amount of information which is kept secret and stored locally on a device and the information which is instead shared publicly K-anonymity, Privacy
Master Understanding how routine habits may uncover privacy issues Starting from user datasets about routine habits, understand how patterns can highlight specific habits and understand possible issues with the privacy of users. UC Irvine Graph Theory, Privacy